What Does “Juanita Drive: Life After April 27″ do?
The website seeks to serve the community and residents of Juanita Drive and provide a way for their voices to be heard, while ensuring their story will be told or presented the way they want. Even if you hear or read about it, the destruction on Juanita Drive cannot be fully grasped until you experience it. After viewing the images on this site and listening to the stories of the Juanita Drive residents, the general public will understand and become more aware of smaller communities like Juanita Drive and the devastation that occurred there. This website will hopefully keep the conversation going by showing the implications of a disaster when it affects a small, close-knit community.

Why Juanita Drive?
A few traffic lights and intersections is all that stands between a structurally perfect campus and a neighborhood that has been coined as “Ground Zero.” Alberta City was covered in the media, but the reports were never narrowed to a specific street. Coming from a neighborhood like Juanita Drive, I imagined what conversations or what new connections my neighbors would have if a mile-wide path of destruction came through our neighborhood. Focusing on just one street and providing a space for the community to share the horrors of that day and its hopes for tomorrow is the best way to tell the story of Juanita Drive.

Juanita Drive is a master’s project created by LaTonya Michelle Darrisaw.

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